Gold Cup UV Box of 48

Gold Cup UV Box of 48


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The Pro Chukker Gold Cup ball is made of a proprietary plastic that is roughly 4 to 5 times harder than any other polo balls.  Read more below and if you have ANY questions or problems placing an order please call us at 1-818-653-7656.  MADE IN THE USA.

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The Gold Cup balls are very difficult to dent and, consequently, do not absorb the force of a player’s swing, meaning all inertia goes toward ball trajectory and increasing the distance of every drive.

Also, because of their hardness, testing on a Game Changer II infrared golf ball analyzer measured 90% less topspin and sidespin than the Texas Polo ball.  That means these balls travel straight as an arrow…and top players will never miss a
penalty shot again.

Because they are considerably harder, some players initially feel our Gold Cup balls weigh more than other balls.  The truth is our Gold Cup ball actually weighs 8 grams LESS!  At 120 grams, our ball weighs exacly the same as a typical wooden ball, but with far superior performance.

We made the balls exactly 3inches in diameter, giving them a 6.4% better (less) drag coefficient than other balls, and at the request of polo clubs in Mexico and Florida, we now add a UV protectant that inhibits the damage done to polo balls/plastic when exposed to the sun’s rays.  This means the balls will last even longer.

Lastly, we hope you like the professional way they look, too.  The balls are chemically treated, printed and baked in an oven for 20 minutes for an incredibly durable finish.